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Meeting Got Canceled

Huzzah! Apologies for the ridiculously light blogging this week, but my Google Calendar has been blue with meetings day and night. I need a holiday from my trip home.

In any case, my first meeting of the day got cancelled and I’m borrowing some wifi from my client’s office to write this.

I’ve had a couple of Vancouver photos floating around from my crappy camera phone that I’ve been meaning to post:

Creative Parking

Is this legal? I sometimes see motorcycles doing this, so it is kosher for a Smart Car? I’ve written before about the inferiority of parking meters, and this is a great approach to fitting more cars onto a street, but is it above-board?


This is brand extension gone horribly wrong. The ‘grown up Slurpee’? I guess it doesn’t cost 7-11 very much to try this out, but who possibly wants this beverage from 7-11?

Now that I think about it, there seem to be two or three ‘anchor’ flavours of Slurpee–Coke, orange–and the rest are in an endlessly expanding rotation. How long before we have Potteresque Everything Slurpees?

9 Responses to “Meeting Got Canceled”

  1. monique

    i like the slurpuccino. but do not mix with coke.

  2. Warwick

    Yeah, the SMART perpendicular parking is legal…but you still need to make sure the meter isn’t expired (you’re basically “sharing” with the other car).

  3. James

    I think cream soda is pretty pervasive too, and it forms the bottom for a common favourite of mine: cream soda + brown (coke or pepsi, in Slurpee, I can’t tell the difference).

    But the greatest hits of Slurpee flavours have to be, in no particular order: grape, dr. pepper, root beer. A root beer slurpee is a delight on a hot day, if you like root beer, which, like black licorice, is an all-or-nothing like / dislike.

  4. Lauren Wood

    I’m not sure parking a Smart car perpendicularly is legal; the Vancouver by-law regarding parking is at section 18.1 and states “no person shall stop or park a vehicle in a roadway other than:
    (a) parallel with the curb or edge of the roadway;
    (b) headed in the direction of traffic; and
    (c) with the curbside wheels of the vehicle within 30 cm of the curb or
    the edge of the roadway.” except when the street is marked for parallel parking. I didn’t find any exceptions for short cars.

  5. Marina

    Being a crazed coffee drinker, I gave that slupaccino a try. It was GROSS.

  6. Alice in Wonderland

    My pre-teen neighbor swears by the Slurp-accino. I think it’s a cheap, and easily accessible knock off of the Ice Cap from Timmys.

  7. raincoaster

    I used to work for Starbucks and the reason the frapuccinos are made up at the time is not for flavour; it’s because if you were to make a vat of the stuff, it would freeze solid. The reason slushy drinks like that don’t freeze is that they are so full of sugar. Really, really full. Like, scary full.

  8. Light & Dark

    We’ve got a bunch of folks in Banff with Smart cars and when one of them tried to park like that, he got ticketed. Trying to fight it, but our bylaw is clear like Lauren’s reference to Vancouver’s. Vehicle must be parked parallel to the curb. (A dumb rule with the new designs of cars, but the solution is to get the bylaws changed, not to park illegally.)


  9. Ryan Cousineau

    The Slurpaccino is unpleasant. Really unpleasant. The basic crime is that if it was a conventional coffee beverage, you’d describe it as having about four sugars in it.

    If you normally take your ice-whipaccinos with four sugars, it may be good.

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