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Shake Hands With the Devil, Version Three

Via Mad About Movies, I read about the fictionalized version of Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire’s haunting account of the Rwanda genocide, Shake Hands With the Devil. It’s a Canadian production, and stars Roy Dupuis as Dallaire. I thought Dupuis was excellent in The Rocket. Here’s the trailer:

I’m judging a book by its cover, but this version (there’s also a documentary of the same name) seems more hopeful and redemptive than the book, which felt pretty bleak to me.

On a barely related note, Marina also links to the trailer for The Mist, a new horror film based on one of my favourite Stephen King short stories. If you ask me, they show way too much of the baddies.

2 Responses to “Shake Hands With the Devil, Version Three”

  1. Patricia

    I’m looking forward to this film. I’m a big Roy Dupuis fan (esp. in the tv series La Femme Nikita and the mini series The Last Chapter).

  2. Airdrie

    On a related note, D’Allaire is the cover story in this month’s MOODS Magazine. He discusses his struggle with PTSD. MOODS is a great magazine for anyone who suffers from a mood-disorder, and is available at Chapters or online:

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