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What Are We Doing in the Gnomedex Audience?

Gnomedex ScreensAs attendees know, about 80% of the Gnomedex audience has a laptop open in front of them. Most of them (myself included) aren’t taking notes most of the time. So what are they doing?

At a couple of different times today, I walked around the back of the room, looked over people’s shoulders (from a, uh, respectful distance) and took a straw poll of what Gnomedex attendees seemed to be doing. These are the results:

Browsing random web page: 17
Coding or viewing terminal window: 11
Twitter: 11
Microsoft Outlook: 9
Microsoft Word: 8
Google Reader: 6
iPhoto: 5
Gmail: 5
Flickr: 5
Google Search: 4
Facebook: 4
Blogging: 3
Skype: 1
Pownce: 1

5 Responses to “What Are We Doing in the Gnomedex Audience?”

  1. francine hardaway

    I loved your Gnomedex presentation. I found it fascinating. But like everyone else, I multi-tasked through it. I wonder what’s up with that — that we can’t give our full attention even to things we pay for and enjoy? Have we lost something through technology as we gained it?

  2. Alex M. Dunne


    Great presentation. I was glad that you, and Derek Miller, provided a portal to the world outside the conference echo chamber.

    I’m curious though what the exchange rate between your Stacies and Doctorow’s wuffies?


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