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298 Photos of the Garbage Strike

A fringe benefit of my current residence in Malta is that I’m about 9659 kilometers from the current strike by Vancouver’s civic workers. I’ve read recent complaints about rats and fruit flies (Jen also provides a handy remedy), while Rebecca gives a general state of the refuse address on the issue.

Rebecca linked to a particularly poignant strike photo, which led me to 297 more strike photos in a Flickr group. The group advocates the unions’ position, but unfortunately there’s no discussion board or indication of who, specifically, is behind the thing.

I’d love to opine about the strike, but I really haven’t been following it closely enough to develop an opinion. I gather the unions want to arrange their contracts so that they’ll end shortly before the 2010 Olympics. The city will agree to that about the same time they agree to adding, say, bong boarding to the Winter Games.

6 Responses to “298 Photos of the Garbage Strike”

  1. Andrea >> Become a Consultant

    These photos would be better if someone had taken pictures before the strike for comparison. Much of the DTES and many well-travelled parks had piles of garbage in the first place.

  2. DJR

    From the standpoint of one person (me), here’s how the civic strike has affected me. Nadda. Zero. Granted I live and work downtown and perhaps the skeleton garbage crews concentrate their efforts on the most densely populated areas, but I have not noticed any material increase in visible garbage. As far as I’m concerned, the striking civic workers can stay off the job for all eternity. I’m sure the strike has hit home for others more than myself (people with kids or those who live in outlying areas) but for someone who lives downtown and doesn’t use the library or pools, I feel no impact whatsoever. Unfortunately, I’m not expecting to see a discount on my property taxes to reflect the money the city is saving on salary expense…

  3. Andrea >> Become a Consultant

    I don’t feel any impact from the garbage strike, but the community centre and library closures have been a major annoyance for me and my kidlet. However, it doesn’t make me like the City or the union any more or less.

  4. raincoaster

    It’s made a big difference on the DTES, where I live. Certain alleyways are impassable to trucks now because of the drifts of garbage up to three feet high. And the sidewalks are a terrible mess.

    Think about the health issues. Nobody is picking up the needles. Shopkeepers in Chinatown sweep out front, but other than that it’s a free-for all. Strikers have even threatened parents who cut the grass in parks so their kids can play soccer.

  5. Aaron

    Zero impact except for my kind father-in-law who gets to take a bag or two of garbage with him every week.

    However, it has alot of people thinking about what they throw into the garbage. Great side benefit.

    An article in the Sun said it’ll likely be a long time before we see a strike this long. The last time it did was in the early 80’s under Harcourt. It’s like science – sometimes new ideas don’t take hold until the old generation retires/dies. We’ll have to wait until the next generation takes over the union.

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