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Burqinis are the New Black

The other day there was a longish article in the International Herald-Tribune discussing how Muslim fashion designers are getting more adventurous while still observing the tenants tenets of their faith:

“Muslim women’s clothing has moved forward in leaps and bounds in only a few years in terms of both comfort and style. The most important change, in my opinion, has been moving away from bland, thick, polyester gowns called jilbabs, which were uncomfortable in hot weather and hard against the skin,” she said. “But now, you can find Muslim clothing offered in every possible color and some that is chic and stylish, but still upholding the modest requirements of our faith.”

One of the more creative designs I read about was the ‘burqini’. It’s essentially a two-piece, beach-friendly tracksuit which covers the whole body. I guess it’s a pragmatic solution to the problem of what to wear to the beach.

8 Responses to “Burqinis are the New Black”

  1. gilliebean

    I want one! In fact, I’d like to buy thousands of these and hand them out (force them onto) all the women at the beach who shouldn’t be showin’ off their assets. Let’s start a revolution!

  2. darren

    No, Joe, I really meant ‘renters of their faith’. Heh. Thanks for that.

  3. vaspers aka steven e. streight

    Yeah, I approve of that “tenants” of the faith. They live in a version of a faith that is open to external questioning, but forbidden internally it seems.

    All domination systems are worthless and misanthropic.

    I despise patriarchal male chauvinist systems that force females to wear uncomfortable, hot garments. It’s the polar opposite of Britney Spears, eh? But demeaning and absurd.

    I have launched my own Anti Jihad against all terrorists and rogue regimes like Red Commie China, Poisoner of the World.

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