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Did I See an Edited Version of The Brave One?

Last week I watched The Brave One, an unremarkable but enjoyable revenge thriller starring Jodie Foster (and her awful hair) and directed by Neil Jordan.

CAUTION: What follows probably constitute minor spoilers. If you know the film’s premise, then they’re not going to harm your viewing pleasure, but I feel obligated to warn you just the same.

As is my habit, I went home and read a few reviews of the movie. Roger Ebert’s review features this line:

One day she buys a gun and practices on a shooting range where you can see fear turning into anger in her eyes.

In the version of the film I saw, there was definitely no shooting range.

Later, there’s a scene where Foster’s character goes after a guy on the roof of a parking garage. He ends up on pavement six floors below. In the film I saw, they exchange a couple of blows, Foster goes at the other guy with a tire iron and the film immediately cuts away. I was surprised by the cut–it seemed out of sync with the scene’s pacing. Plus, I was left puzzling over how she hauled him over the railing–she’s not a big woman.

If you saw the movie (somewhere other than Gozo, obviously), did this scene conclude differently?

I’m aware that films get edited differently for different countries, but it’s a little frustrating to not know what I else missed. I’m not sure if this qualifies as censorship–I think it probably does if the film is edited to suit a particular nation’s (apparent) morality.

2 Responses to “Did I See an Edited Version of The Brave One?”

  1. Jordan

    You’d surely hate to watch a movie in a Malaysian cinema. I swear it’s like they cut out scenes with a rusty spoon.

  2. Phillip

    You definitely saw an edited version of the film. Too bad. It’s not a great film, but Jodie Foster’s performance makes it worth watching.

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