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Group Your RSS Feeds By Usage, Not Topic

Over at Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders (who recently sent a schwack of traffic to this old post), I read Wood Tang’s interesting theory on reorganizing your folders in you RSS reader. It makes a lot of sense:

So it dawned on me to group my feeds by the way in which I want to read them, not by topic. If there were some feeds that I didn’t mind missing, and some of which I wanted to read every single word, I should organize them that way, not by their putative subject areas.

He suggests categories like ‘Can’t Miss’, ‘Skip Them’ and so forth. I could combine this with feed filtering from AideRSS and consume more of my feeds more efficiently.

8 Responses to “Group Your RSS Feeds By Usage, Not Topic”

  1. Todd Sieling

    I order mine into Important, Moderate Importance, Spare Time Reading and Photography. It’s worked so far, and better than topic-based organizing which always ends up unsatisfying.

  2. reddirtroad

    I have mine set up by subject, but, like Gaurav Mishra, I enjoy the option of multiple tags and therefore also have some of my feeds directed into quick read folders.

  3. Hannah

    Mine are classified into read daily, read weekly, and read anytime.

  4. jeff

    I find the Bloglines playlist feature very handy for this. I can categorize all of my feeds by subject/topic, then create playlists according to priority. This way I can have the best of both worlds (organize twice – that must mean that I am twice as efficient!)

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