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Less Than 2% of People Use Hotel Bathtubs

That’s the fact of the day. Via Digg, I read this column by Joe Brancatelli on the disappearing hotel bathtub, and the rise of ‘elaborate and dramatic shower presentations’:

For one thing, business travelers are just too busy for leisurely soaks. Liability issues make the tub-shower combo a magnet for lawsuits because a surprising number of travelers have trouble navigating the walls of an unfamiliar tub. Shower-only layouts are slightly more space-efficient than other bathroom configurations and that appeals to developers struggling with high real estate costs. Then there’s the “ick” factor: Hotel designers say travelers, especially women, are concerned about the cleanliness of hotel tubs. Even if they prefer bathing, they won’t do it in a hotel.

I agree on the ick factor. I wonder how they compare on water usage. The article concludes that families often want rooms with tubs. If you’re booking for a family, it’s increasingly wise to specify a room with a bathtub.

9 Responses to “Less Than 2% of People Use Hotel Bathtubs”

  1. donna

    Only once have I ever used a hotel bathtub. Well, twice, but it was the same bathtub… it was at Hotel D’Afrique in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and it was because after 3 weeks of working my tail off and intermittent water disruptions (read: only semi-regular showers), I’d have taken a bath in a large bucket if it was hot enough.

    It was divine. You’d be amazed at how much squidgyness you get over when everything hurts… :)

    That said, under normal circumstances… not on your life. Once, in Kelowna, we were giving my baby sister a bath (when she was about 6 months old) in a hotel tub so we could go to a wedding… and she pooped. In the tub. Hysterical for us, but … I don’t care how much you clean that thing out, it was pooped in. This made me think: How many OTHER people have pooped in this tub?

    Of course, that line of thinking gets me on the slippery slope of “what’s in the bed that I’m sleeping in”, and then I can’t sleep for a week. So, I don’t think about it too much.

    But I rarely bathe in hotel tubs, either.

  2. Richgold

    Oh Donna – you don’t have children do you?

    I can’t remember about my older two, but my younger two have a reputation now, and where we could previously share the bath tub experience (kids will play, while one is getting sudsy), this, alas is no longer the case.

    Bleach cleanser works wonders.

    On the other side of things, how many people have peed in the shower? (Saw something on last year about that!)

  3. Derek K. Miller

    Geez, if germs were that dangerous we’d all be dead by age one. Sure people have done unsavoury things in hotel bathtubs and showers (and beds, and kitchenettes). But staff also clean them EVERY DAY, which is more than I can say for my house.

    I love hotel bathtubs, and not just for the kids. I often have a soak when on holiday or business. I’m in the 2% — and I also haven’t encountered may hotels without a tub. I hope that doesn’t change.

    Incidentally, the Bedford Regency Hotel in downtown Victoria not only has big jetted soaker tubs with French doors in most rooms, but also real wood-burning fireplaces too. No affiliation, but I recommend it.

  4. darren

    Derek: Indeed, I think the ‘ick factor’ is more perception than reality. I’m sure there’s more nasty things in the mattress than in the tub.

    I’m fond of the Bedford, as that’s where Julie and I stayed the night of our wedding. The last time I was there I thought it felt a little tired, but maybe they’ve remodeled in the past, oh, seven years.

  5. The Other Heather

    I always enjoy a soak in a hotel bathtub, because I know I don’t have to think about cleaning it! And sometimes the showerheads are so low pressure that there’s just no point in trying.

  6. Gary Kelly

    It’s not the bathtub or the mattress you have to worry about in Hotels.

    It’s the the bedspread (public enemy number one), couches and chairs. Also don’t forget the phone and the TV flicker.

    Without a doubt some of the most disgusting things you will ever touch in your life.

  7. Meg

    I stayed in a hotel with a big clawfoot tub. As IF I wasn’t going to jump in.

  8. donna

    The ick factor is definitely a perception thing. Otherwise… I mean hell, I was okay with jumping in a tub in a country with such severe shortages of *everything* that I’d be surprised if they HAD bleach, but I won’t get into one at the Hilton? Yeah, it’s perception. :)

    And no, I don’t have kids — but that six month old sister thing was only 5 years ago, so I’m pretty familiar with them. I’m still not a fan of other peoples poop. :)

    Also, there is a *Big* difference between poop that is related to me, and Stranger Poop. :)

  9. Tracy

    Hey I’ve done a lot of business travelling and I’ve never, ever soaked in the tub. The ick factor is a reality.

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