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The Saga of Vegan Marshmallows

I’m a pretty casual, uh, ovo-pecto-vegetarian, or some such nonsense. I don’t eat red meat. I have had Jello on occasion, and probably other products that use gelatin–an animal extract–but I guess I’m not quite committed enough to care.

Others, however, are, and I totally respect their devotion to vegetarianism, veganism and other related isms. Beth is one such vegetarian, and she recently wrote an interesting post (with video) describing the saga of the tainted vegan marshmallows:

Googling “Vegan Supreme Marshmallows” yielded this: as it turns out, the company that he been supplying the vegetarian gelatin substitute to the company that made V.S.M. was just lying – they were just selling regular old animal bone & skin-derived gelatin! Which means that I had been eating gelatin! And, to add insult to injury, I was paying $8 a bag to do so! So gross!!!

Apparently you can now get non-controversial vegan marshmallows from this online store. They don’t look quite as Stay Puft as the originals, but they’re guilt-free. Except, you know, for the calories.

6 Responses to “The Saga of Vegan Marshmallows”

  1. James

    And just wait until you find out that boiled beef blood gives imitation crab found in California rolls that rosy red colour.

  2. filmgoerjuan

    Dear lord, check out the cookies set by that store you link to (for the marshmallows). They’re putting SQL queries into your cookies!!! What brainiac coded *that* site?

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