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Grocery Shopping in Morocco

I just got back from Essaouira’s souk, where the locals shop. I bought:

  • 6 eggs.
  • A whole chicken breast (meaning, uh, all the white meat on the bird). The butcher pulled it from his refrigeration unit–a box of water.
  • A mango, 6 plums and 4 apples.
  • Some carrots, an onion and a green pepper.
  • Some couscous.
  • A couple baguettes.

All for 75 dirhams, or just under CAN $10. A little cheaper than Urban Fare, methinks.

3 Responses to “Grocery Shopping in Morocco”

  1. Patricia

    I’m a Dan-D-Pack girl myself. A large bag of veggies for $5, same bag from the safeway $20.

  2. Brian El

    That’s some breakfast Darren. You must be planning a serious workout!

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