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Which .Ma Domain Should I Get?

It occurred to me that I could probably get a .ma domain or two if I wanted, given that I know a local contact in country. I read that that’s a requirement, though this site claims differently. I’m not sure how difficult it is to get one, because I’ve never actually seen a .ma website (though according to Wikipedia, there are 137,187 of them).

Some of the obvious really short domains (, and so forth) are gone, but I checked a few off this list of words that end in ‘ma’. Those available include:

You can check other possible domains here.

Of course, they cost about CAN $125 a year, so that’s a bit pricey for a whim. Still, something to think about while I’m here.

12 Responses to “Which .Ma Domain Should I Get?”

  1. Ann Torrence

    thus enabling

    if you can’t get, alternates would be and

  2. Hamish M

    Funny you should mention this; since I just purchased for myself.

    I think is funny, but of course, they’re are tons of possibilities, like for example, haha – better grab this before the presidential candidate does!

  3. Brent

    I think is one of the best examples of this type of domain name. Very apropos for gearheads.

  4. Andy K

    Is it just me or is this “meme” stale already? I mean invented it (for the masses) and after that, who wants to have dots in the middle of whatever you’re trying to spell. I haven’t seen a significant site with this gimmick since them. I think it’s just for people who think it’s cool to own domain names, because I’m not really sure what you can do with them (that you couldn’t do with a plain ol’ .com .org .ca .etc) seems like a random coincidence, and nothing to do with Mecca, either.

  5. darren

    Andy: Actually, the main appeal for me is brevity. Try finding a usable domain that’s an existing English word and that’s only five or six letters after the ‘www’. They don’t exist for free, and if you want to buy one, they’re very pricey. is a great example. What .com, .net or .org domain are you going to get that’s remotely that short.

    Brevity may not be a URL criteria for you, but it is for me.

  6. Chris H.,
    are all available.

    (There are tons out there, really.)

  7. Brent a random coincidence? Of course it is.

    Are they playing it up with reference to Mecca? I think they are.

  8. Andy K

    My point is that you’re not getting Obama (which’ll be either inappropriate or irrelevant in a year), you’re getting oba ma. See how hard it is to read unfamiliar syllables. The dots create “comprehenesion pauses” (I’m sure there’s a better term in cognitive psych) when reading and extra explanations when describing. Sure, once you got market traction, it’s a great “in” thing, but until then, it’s a hurdle.

    Following the example of, the key to brevity, nowadays, is wit.

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