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Initial Reactions to Returning to the Developed World

After a year away.

  • There are so many cars. This has been my overwhelming first reaction.
  • Our commerce gets so bizarre, so fast. Riding the Airporter in from YVR, I passed a 7-11. There was a big banner hanging above the front door. I can’t remember the exact phrase, but it read something like “Cheesetastic Big Bite Hot Dogs!”. I found that troubling.
  • Trees! Yay!
  • Man, it’s really dark for 3:00pm in the afternoon.
  • Rain! Yay!
  • I’ve been hopelessly converted to a cash-only consumer. Credit cards were pretty much useless in Malta and Morocco.
  • I can drink the tap water! Yay!

And now the jet lag cometh.

9 Responses to “Initial Reactions to Returning to the Developed World”

  1. Jeff

    Welcome back to Canada.

    In Van there are about 500 new condo towers + one convention center that have sprung up in your absence (and uh, one less Starbucks…).

  2. turf

    I miss the travels and NOT the lag. Living in north america has its drawbacks when returning after visiting and PARTICIPATING in the rest of the world. Easy on the coffee….

  3. Patricia

    Also, one less Taco del Mar ….

    (did you follow the vancouver news in Malta)?

  4. Erika Rathje

    Welcome home!

    I can just imagine you doing the famous Gene Kelly Singin’ in the Rain scene. Except for maybe the flips…

  5. Adriana

    It’s jarring isn’t it? I got back just in time for Christmas ramp-up from a trip that included portions of the Colombian Amazon….I’ve never felt so *not* in the mood for going shopping. Still don’t. It’s very hard to explain to others.

  6. mark

    I lived in the Arctic for a couple of years. The first year I was above the tree line and was happy just to see grass again, so I know what you mean.

    Welcome, home.

    I think if I had a choice again I would choose to live credit card free, it is such a hassle.

  7. `jhawke


    37 days until i get to experience the same commercial-culture shock. although i’m going to rural Saskatchewan, so i guess it won’t really be the same… hah.

    i really miss sidewalks. and street lights.

  8. Norlinda

    Welcome home db.

    It’s funny, coming home from SE Asia, I had the opposite reaction to cars—so few. And where are all the motorcycles?

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