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Oh Dear, Oh Dear…

The Leafs goalie Vesa Toskala just let in what is possibly the longest shot in league history. In his defense, the thing was bouncing all over the place.

6 Responses to “Oh Dear, Oh Dear…”

  1. Norlinda

    Opps. Surely the most embarrassing career moment for him. But hey, it’s the Leafs.

  2. Beth

    That is fan-fucking-tastic! I need to call my dad (a Leafs fan) and just laugh and laugh and laugh!

  3. James

    To offer a counterpoint, it was the only goal he allowed all game, and he’s pretty much the only reason the Leafs aren’t challenging the Lightning for 1st draft pick in 2009.

    And I am not a Leafs fan.

  4. filmgoerjuan

    Get your body in front of it!

    I bet Dan Cloutier’s breathing a sigh of relief as this will probably replace memories of the weak goal Lidstrom scored on him off a shoot in from center ice.

  5. Gregg

    If there is a better instructional video clip to support the notion that good things happen when you shoot it at the net , I haven’t seen it.

    In fairness though this really is a fluke.

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