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Sean Avery’s Spleen Overly Vented

It’s circumstances like these that restore my faith in karma. Super-pest and spotlight seeker Sean Avery suffered a lacerated spleen in Tuesday’s game against Pittsburgh:

Avery was injured during Tuesday night’s 5-3 loss from a hit, possibly in the first period, but played throughout the game despite worsening pain.

He took seven shifts in the first period, five in the second, and seven in the third. He spent 4 minutes, 58 seconds on the ice in the final frame — only 10 seconds fewer than the first.

I wouldn’t wish serious injury on anybody, but Avery plays like an asshat of the highest order. As such, the 2008 playoffs just got a little nicer. Thanks to James for the news.

I mostly wrote this post so that I could make a bad pun in the title.

3 Responses to “Sean Avery’s Spleen Overly Vented”

  1. Beth

    Something about the phrase “lacerated spleen” makes me queasy. And I don’t get queasy very easily!

  2. Tim Ayres

    Let me present an IM conversation about this event:

    30.04.2008 9:16:33 AM John Tim Sean Avery suffered a cardiac arrest after last night’s game, apparently
    30.04.2008 9:20:32 AM Tim John I didn’t think he had a heart ololol
    30.04.2008 9:20:40 AM John Tim lol
    30.04.2008 9:21:07 AM Tim John too son?
    30.04.2008 9:21:09 AM Tim John soon?
    30.04.2008 9:21:13 AM John Tim neg
    30.04.2008 9:21:14 AM John Tim lol
    30.04.2008 9:27:59 AM Tim John Karma’s a bitch, man!

  3. Tim Ayres

    ^^^ Please delete that junk! Sorry!

    oh man I need to drink coffee BEFORE commenting next time – I accidentally hit submit… Here is the MSN Conversation about Sean “asshat” Avery I had the other night.

    John: Sean Avery suffered a cardiac arrest after last night’s game, apparently

    Tim: I didn’t think he had a heart ololol
    John: lol
    Tim: too soon?
    John: neg
    John: lol
    Tim: Karma’s a bitch, man!

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