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The Canucks May Suck and Blow in 08-09

We currently don’t have cable. I’ve been putting the decision off to the fall, when I’d judge how much I was missing regularly watching the Canucks. At the moment, I’m thinking Shaw will go without our $50/month. It’s hard to be hopeful at the moment

He was inactive on draft day, but I was willing to give new Canucks GM Mike Gillis the benefit of the doubt. Then he turns around and offers a Mats Sundin an absurd amount of money–at least $3 million over market value (it feels to me like Sundin is done with the NHL). And before that he makes a cheap, ineffectual play for a restricted free agent.

In short, unless Mr. Gillis has some brilliant strategy that none of us can see (and that’s definitely a possibility), it’s going to be a rough year at GM Place.

That’s no big deal. The team has been quite good for nearly a decade, and you can’t go to the playoffs every year. The organization ought to embrace the idea that this is a rebuilding year. They should give as many young players as much playing time as possible, and try to trade some veteran assets while they’re still desirable. Roberto Luongo isn’t going to win a cup in this town in the next two years, and he could bring serious value in a trade.

The Canucks likely won’t make such changes in 2008, but assuming the team tanks, look for a fire sale on veterans at the trading deadline next spring. And I think that would be terrific. The current crop of players was good, but rarely great.

5 Responses to “The Canucks May Suck and Blow in 08-09”

  1. carolbrowne

    I was thinking that same thing about Mike Gillis – is he some kind of genius that’s going to surprise us with something next year or is this guy just not doing anything? I guess we’ll wait and see…

  2. filmgoerjuan

    I only object to one thing about this post. In the title you’ve used “may” where you should have used “will”.

  3. darren

    Filmgoerjuan: I originally had ‘may’, but wanted hedge my bets.

  4. ex-vancouveriste

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