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Indians Included

Julie recently noticed this amusing note in a Panama property listing:

An indian village is located adjacent to the land, which means there is a built in work force on hand, so you will never have to carry anything if you choose. If you can’t handle third world living and don’t care for indians, you do not want this property.

I like how lower down it says that if you “spend a little pocket change” on the locals, “you will be a hero”. That is creepy, colonial-style.

2 Responses to “Indians Included”

  1. Jeff

    Sometimes the travel section of the globe and mail reads like this (not quite so awful I’ll admit…). It’s an arrogant and condescending iteration of affluence.

  2. Beau de Ville

    Would the Indians themselves be better off if a permanent resident moved into the property, or if it stayed empty?

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