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Link Round-Up: The Social Change Edition

Because Tuesday is social change day. Right?

And to my Jewish readers, let me say “shana tova umetukah”. Or, at least, that’s what Wikipedia says I should say. I was going to go with ‘mazel tov’, but what do I know?

6 Responses to “Link Round-Up: The Social Change Edition”

  1. Norlinda

    Is interest charged on the Kiva loans? I couldn’t find that info on their site.

  2. darren

    I know no interest is earned–I don’t know if it’s charged or not.

  3. Ola Rynge

    I would like to add to your post that Canadians are equally invited to vote at The Global Election.

  4. Miranda

    Shana tova is the way to go. Mazel tov would be a bit like congratulating a Christian at Easter. :)

    A sweet year,

  5. Jordan

    Thanks for attending and helping with the session Darren, and for kicking things off for the Barcamp Vancouver Kiva lending team!

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