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Foggy, Foggy Vancouver

On Monday I was supposed to fly to Vancouver on a Harbour Air seaplane, but was foiled by all the fog. Even the ferry was running a half-hour late. And, to add insult to injury, on Tuesday we were stuck at the ferry terminal for two hours because one of the, uh, super ferries had a mechanical problem. Sabotage, perhaps, by a laid-off worker?

All of this is just a whiny introduction to this gorgeous photo that Derek mentioned. It’s from Buzz’s photostream on Flickr, but apparently some guy named Blair (Kent) shot it while up on Cypress on Sunday. Click to view a larger version with 47% more fogginess.

UPDATE: As per Buzz and Derek’s posts and the comments below, this photo belongs to one Blair Kent.

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  1. Davin Greenwell

    Hey Darren,

    I think I got sent this photo at least 4 times in one day by people who don’t talk to each other a lot. It really has made the rounds and for good reason. Some guy named “Steve ?” has it on Flickr and a bunch of others, maybe check in there.

  2. JennJ

    The Vancouver Sun credited that photo to Caroline Abraham, though when I just went to find it again, it was no longer in their Fog Gallery… (so perhaps hadn’t properly been credited when it was posted a few days ago?)

    I also love the shot of the ferry steering through the Howe Sound fog, also in the Sun’s gallery.

    Photos like this make me homesick as I sit here in cold NYC.

  3. Andrew Ferguson

    There’s dozens of these identical fog shots from Cypress on Flickr and other sites. It’s cute, but I wouldn’t call it gorgeous by any stretch of the imagination.

  4. Derek K. Miller

    I would.

    Buzz Bishop reports that the Vancouver Sun original (page A6, January 22) was credited to Scott Miller (no relation to me), and that’s this particular photo. So the “Blair” attribution was a false alarm.

    Some of the other pictures from the same vantage are also lovely, but this one beats them for composition, exposure, detail, and colour. And — what a surprise — it looks like the pro got the best shot.

  5. Derek K. Miller

    Or maybe not not. Check out my pixel-peeping video showing that there are two different almost identical photos, maybe from one camera (Blair’s), maybe from two very close together at almost the same time. And I will shut up about this now.

  6. Check this fog out.......

    […] 977 that is really cool. reminds me of a pic someone got of the fog here in vancouver… its downtown vancouver and you can only see the tops of some of the highrises Foggy, Foggy Vancouver […]

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