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I Don’t Know Why This Video is So Great

There’s something lovely and ephemeral about this ‘live’ video for Lisa Hannigan’s “I Don’t Know”. It’s shot through the window of a snug in a bar in Dingle, with the patrons (and their kids) looking on with a particularly Irish kind of quizzical indifference.

Ms. Hannigan is obviously easy on the eyes, but there’s more to the video’s success than that. The band is packed into this tiny space, her grinning, bald drummer is playing a piece of newspaper and everybody seems to be having a bloody good time. You can easy forgive that she comes in on the tambourine at the wrong moment. I wonder what number take this is.

We saw Lisa Hannigan live at SXSW and, I’m sorry to say, I was underwhelmed. The je ne sais quoi that makes this video so great was nowhere to be found.

3 Responses to “I Don’t Know Why This Video is So Great”

  1. D'Arcy Norman

    it’s great because it’s real. or at least feels real. or at least “real” or realish. and it looks like they’re just having fun.

  2. kevin

    Does anyone know what kind of mute that trumpet player is using?

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