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Just Some Hairy Dude Talking About the Weather

Richard sent along this short video featuring an interview with a couple of Yaletown residents:

The Weather Network apparently didn’t notice that their ‘man on the street’ subject was one of Vancouver’s more famous citizens, Roberto Luongo.

7 Responses to “Just Some Hairy Dude Talking About the Weather”

  1. Beth

    That’s HILARIOUS!! How could they not notice that!!

  2. Derek K. Miller

    I don’t think I would have noticed, since I don’t watch hockey. (We do exist, you know.) And maybe the person doing the interview here in Vancouver might have known, but it’s doubtful anyone back east at Weather Network HQ did. Even if I had twigged that it was Luongo here, I’d be especially hard-pressed to recognize a goalie from another NHL team without his mask.

    And uh, Mr. Luongo? Time to shave the playoff beard.

  3. Derek K. Miller

    I’ll be clear: I know who Roberto Luongo is, and I’ve even seen lots of pictures of him, but I probably wouldn’t recognize him outside a goalie uniform.

  4. Rob

    I live in Yaletown, and routinely my friends point out hockey players. I have no clue :) Darren, I know that disappoints you and I have let you down as a friend, but I’m always up for a late night McDonald’s chocolate shake. Seriously. Anytime.

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