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Children’s Choirs Singing Pop Hits

Yesterday, via Vero, I discovered a couple of charming videos featuring British chrildren’s choirs singing pop hits. First, there’s Lily Allen’s “Chinese”:

I thought it was all girls, but you can spot a few boys in the latter half of the video. And then something a little more old-school:

Of course, that immediately reminded me of the Langley Schools Music Project, which has achieved an odd sort of fame. Here’s the first part of a documentary about the project:

5 Responses to “Children’s Choirs Singing Pop Hits”

  1. Richard Akerman

    Scala choir performing “With or Without You”.

    jairy Reply:

    nowhere near as good as the videos posted by Darren, above! Love the Lily Allen one especially, thanks for that.

    jairy Reply:

    ooooh I just heard the Sweet Child o’Mine above as well…gorgeous!!

  2. rip

    love the Lily Allen song – great! Thanks for sharing.

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