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In Defence of My Pictionary Skills

I recently participated in a game of Pictionary. My team came second (or “first loser” as somebody described it), despite the fact that we had four arts degrees between us.

I was given a particularly challenging word to draw, and I thought I did a smashing job of it. My team disagreed. Travis kindly snapped a photo. My rendering is everything above my finger–we did multiple drawings on every sheet of paper. Can you guess the word? Click for super-sizing:

Hmm…in retrospect it’s not really that clear. Though, in my defense, two people from another team guessed what I was on about.

UPDATE: The correct answer is ‘taxidermy’. So maybe I failed. I did like an alternative suggestion I received by email: “Dance dance critter death edition”, which seems to be in the ballpark of correct.

10 Responses to “In Defence of My Pictionary Skills”

  1. filmgoerjuan

    Jeez, some people are just no good at that game.

    It was “Clawpenisovertwohamsterswhiledownhillskierscommitsodomy”, right?

  2. Stephanie Hobson

    I love your “this is entirely self evident I don’t know how you missed it” face.

    darren Reply:

    You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t) how often I make that face.

  3. Travis

    Darren, may I just say — a little cut-out and this is the perfect photo for the top of your blog…


  4. Derek K. Miller

    I would have suggested you spend more time on the wall-mounted moose head.

    darren Reply:

    Yes, somebody asked why I’d drawn two buzzards poking their heads through a wall.

  5. Gar

    To me it just looks like “Yeti has squirrels for dinner”.

    darren Reply:

    That’s funny, somebody else referred to the large figure at left as an abominable snowman.

  6. Jan Karlsbjerg

    On the left: An angel (with a protruding butt or potbelly) is holding wings over two squirrels on a table.

    On the right: two or more stick figure people trying to (needlessly, one would think) push a woman down a vertical surface.

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