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Our Health is Not a Joke

Here’s the latest in this site’s rich tradition of documenting peculiar signage. This was up in the men’s bathroom of a corporate head office:

Our health is not a joke

Surely there are more effective ways to get me to wash my hands. Which, for the record, I did.

I’m also troubled by the lousy rhyme between ‘soap’ and ‘joke’.

4 Responses to “Our Health is Not a Joke”

  1. Patrick

    Amazing how somehow it’s obvious that you’re supposed to sing it to the tune of “row, row, row your boat…”

    darren Reply:

    Hmm…I’m afraid it wasn’t obvious to me, but I’m frequently clueless.

  2. raincoaster

    I’d like to know which corporation has executives that need this reminder. Did you use hand sanitizer after shaking hands with them?

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