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Four Infographics

To me, it feels like 2009 was a banner year for infographics. Those sometimes-beautiful, always-intricate images that help us understand big or complex topics used to be the strict purview of news channels and textbooks. Now they’re everywhere. What’s to blame? Freer access to source data, simpler creation tools and bigger monitors? I’m not really sure, but I’ve never seen an infographic that I didn’t like.

Here are four that I’ve recently encountered:

UPDATE: Hang on, here’s another one, about video games.

UPDATE #2: And here’s one about World of Warcraft. The way this is going, the next one should be about the bathing habits of undead mages.

4 Responses to “Four Infographics”

  1. Derek K. Miller

    Looks like the purchasing graphic is only for physical goods of some kind, and porn would be in the “videos” part of that. Doesn’t seem to include anything virtual, like online subscriptions, ebooks and audiobooks, WoW gold/Second Life money, web hosting, etc. Or, presumably, online porn.

    I don’t know what “non-merchandise receipts” is supposed to mean, though. That could be virtual stuff.

  2. JohnB

    Where’s the porn? Just as the graphic (pun) suggests: “drugs and health aids”

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