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Joel Plaskett’s “Through and Through and Through”

Ever since I heard the single from Joel Plaskett’s aptly-named triple album “Three”, I’ve had it stuck in my head. “Through and Through and Through” is a mid-tempo, Tom Pettyish rocker that might have been recorded any time in the last forty years.

It’s in no way edgy, but it’s a pretty great road trip song. The lyrics are an entertaining arrangement of cliches, such as:

I’m the Berlin Wall, I’m a communist,
You’re a wrecking ball, in a summer dress.
You’re the horizon line, I’m the last sunset.
I might be going down but I’m not set yet.

I wonder if he’s taking a shot at the likes of Diana Krall or Joss Stone when he sings about “all the dirty blondes playing blue-eyed soul on the radio”?

I bought this song on iTunes, and was dismayed to discover that I’d bought a censored version, which replaces the expletive in the phrase “out of my fucking mind” with a kind of double saxophone toot (you can also hear it at this point in the video). I didn’t see any option for buying an unedited version of this song. Maybe it’s only available on the physical CD?

In any case, I hear the whole triple-album is great.

3 Responses to “Joel Plaskett’s “Through and Through and Through””

  1. alexis

    You’ll like him even more if you ever see him live. He’s a very charismatic and skilled live performer.

  2. David

    Nice snag. Always like Joel Plaskett. Great lyrics. Great performer. This is now getting some good rotation in my iPod

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