Funny, I had no idea you lived in Ireland. I lived in Galway for a few years. I miss it there very much, I think about it often.

My first visit was 1996, backing Europe. I spent the bulk of the beginning of my journey in Ireland, then returned to finish the 3-month trip.

In 1997 I moved from Toronto to Galway to live there for a year. That’s where I met my wife Heather, from Tennessee (small world)!

We lived in Eire on and off until 2001, when living out of backpacks was getting old. Got hitched in Memphis and the rest is history.


They drive me nuts when I see them on English films too. Either you get it or you don’t.

I’m also shocked that the subtitles usually appear on foreign English films on American versions, but not on the versions I’ve watched in Canada.

Surely there are more Irish ex-pats (in this case) living in the US than in Canada.

Regardless, thanks for the film tip! I’m always seeking new Irish films to see.

I recommend the Butcher Boy and The General (the Irish version!) if you haven’t seen them, both brilliant Irish films.

Slan go foill,