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What’s Wrong With This Building?

I run past this older, small, low-rise building on False Creek. It has five units listed for sale–I wonder what’s wrong with it?

7 Responses to “What’s Wrong With This Building?”

  1. Chris

    The owners realize that listings are going up, sales are decreasing, and they want to sell at (or near) the top of a bubble? :)

  2. Carlos

    Well, it looks old, and perhaps they got an assessment for a new roof or something similarly expensive. Perhaps they need to jump ship!

  3. Oana

    Have you looked up any of the listings to see if it’s co-op ownership or leased land? A lot of the buildings in False Creek are.

  4. Sean Hagen

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was bedbugs =\

    My apartment has them, hence me moving out to New Westminster. Apparently the West End and East Van are having a bit of a bedbug problem.

  5. Karl

    I don’t think the question is what’s wrong with the building, but what’s wrong with the Vancouver housing market. There a lots of for sale signs around….

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