When my wife and I stayed at the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort in Parksville over the weekend, I was surprised to see a couple of glass ashtrays on the ocean-view deck of our room. All rooms are non-smoking, as hotels tend to be these days, and I haven’t seen a hotel-provided ashtray (even outside like that) in a private room for some time. The facility isn’t even old, so that’s not the reason.

I do keep an eye out for ashtrays, but I rarely see the classic built-in ones anywhere anymore. (My dad, though never a smoker, used to repair cigarette machines, so I have lots of memories of such things.)

In cars, you can now get a “smoker’s kit,” which includes the cigarette lighter to plug into what is now known as the “power socket,” and an ashtray that usually slots into a cupholder. Our 2001 Ford Focus came with one for free (I think I chucked it in with the spare tire, and it’s probably still there), but I believe newer cars require you to pay a bit extra for it.