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Time is More Infinite Than We

Regular readers may recall that last fall we recovered a deer skull from a fawn that had died on our Pender Island property.

I was unsure what to do with the thing, until we hit on the idea of commissioning artist Rachael Ashe to make one of her excellent altered books with the skull as the centerpiece.

I handed the skull over to Rachael with a few guidelines, and she created this beautiful piece, entitled “Time is More Infinite Than We” (click to embiggen):

Rachael wrote a detailed, illustrated blog post about how creating the piece, and created this nifty time-lapse video of her working on it:

We’re delighted with the result, and the piece will hang on our walls for years to come.

3 Responses to “Time is More Infinite Than We”

  1. Andy

    Sorry, thread tied randomly around a skull and through eye sockets creeps me out.

  2. ET

    Looks she is aiming for work related back problems if that is her usual working stance….

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