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Overthinking it

MARKETER: So, just “Ice” along the top, then?
MARKETER: Are you sure? There’s a lot of space up there.
STORE OWNER: “Ice” will be fine, thanks.
MARKETER: I don’t know…it’s really an opportunity to make a brand impression about your ice.
MARKETER: You know, really differentiate your ice from the competition’s. Say something bold! Tell a story about your frozen water.
STORE OWNER: Whatever. Just make it look good, okay?

2 Responses to “Overthinking it”

  1. Derek K. Miller

    I didn’t make this connection at the time, but the last time I went to buy bulk ice at Save-On Foods, I walked rather near the freezer a couple of times before finally noticing it. I think I was expecting, (a) “ICE,” as you said, and (b) a blue-and-white colour scheme, rather like the bags themselves. Forest lawn green doesn’t say “ice” to my hind-brain.

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