Actually, that 2011 estimate on seeing bikesharing in Vancouver is rather not likely to materialize. The main reason is that bikesharing has been deemed pretty much successful in most places its gone to — with the glaring exception of Melbourne, due to their mandatory helmet law. Vancouver happens to share this particular piece of legislation with Melbourne, provincially, and it is seen as a major obstacle to success because it just takes too much away from the convenience of a bike-share system.

I think it’s noteworthy that the friend of mine that I stayed in Montreal had a BIXI membership despite owning a bike as well. It was great for visitors to see a city by bike, and it also filled a need for those times you need a bike and didn’t think of it when you left the house. I’m dreaming of the day we figure it out for Vancouver…

Darren Reply:

Thanks very much for that–I totally hadn’t thought of the helmet thing. I did feel a little naked without one in Washington.