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Set List for the Tragically Hip at Rogers Arena in Vancouver

Tragically Hip at Rogers Arena

Last night I saw the Tragically Hip in concert, presumably for the last time. I didn’t enjoy the show nearly as much as the previous two times I’d seen them–when they played in Toronto and Vancouver on the same day in 1992 and at the Ambassador Theatre in Dublin in 2002. But I was grateful to watch what felt like a historic show in a historic tour.

I took note of the playlist, which was organized into blocks of songs from different albums. I also made a Spotify playlist of the set list:

Twist My Arm
Three Pistols
The Luxury
Little Bones
Tired as Fuck
What Blue
In a World Possessed by the Human Mind

(Break for the band)

At Transformation
Man Machine Poem
The Lookahead
We Want to Be It

(Short break for Downie)

So Hard Done By
Grace, Too


Fully, Completely
Wheat Kings
Locked in the Trunk of the Car

Second Encore

New Orleans is Sinking

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  1. bobby


    Can you describe the differences of this show and the previous two ?

    Many thanks in advance


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