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I’m an accidental pitchman for Mobi’s new bike-share service

The most notable part of using Mobi, Vancouver’s new bike-share program, is how many Vancouverites want to talk to you about it.

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How to cycle the Canal du Midi

This 220 km canal in the south of France offers a gentle trip through the countryside, full of boozy lunches and quaint medieval towns.

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Cycling the Canal du Midi from Toulouse to Carcassonne

Last Friday, myself, Julie and two friends set off for a 106 km bike trip along the Canal du Midi from Toulouse to Carcassonne. Although the…

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The YikeBike Looks Like Fun

Somebody sent me a link to this foldable electric bicycle designed, I gather, for urban commuting. This ad is ill-advised in a number of ways (is…

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Thoughts on Cycling

Over the past two years, I’ve cycled more than I have in the rest of my adult life combined. We had bikes on Malta, and I…

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Greener School Supplies

Over at Slate’s excellent Green Lantern column, I read about yet another of those tiny debates that green-minded people have (you may recall my razor question…

Read article Yet Another Way to Enumerate My Life

Gillian writes about a website which enables you to track your running and cycling performance: They are now eons beyond Gmaps because while Gmaps will show…

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Paris-Brest-Paris Sounds Deadly

Today I visited a local bicycle shop to get my new hand-me-down bike’s tire fixed. I was chatting with the owner, and he was telling me…

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