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July 24, 2003

Via Slashdot, I learned that the University of Texas has put its Gutenberg Bible online for all to enjoy. From the inevitable CNN article:

The University of Texas has put its entire two-volume Gutenberg Bible on the Internet, making it easier for scholars and the public to browse one of the world's most valuable books.

"Just as Johann Gutenberg made knowledge more accessible with the invention of the printing process, this digitization project continues that legacy," said Richard Oram, head librarian at the university's Harry Ransom Center, one of the world's top cultural archives.

I pity the poor work-study student who had to scan that bad-boy. It's not like you could just sit there mindlessly and flip the pages. I mean, it's one of the most valuable books in the country.

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I don't want many things. I've recently taken a more Zen approach to possessions. I've got more than I need, really. Except, of course, for this. That's all 38 of Shakespeare's plays (well, 37 and the dubious Two Noble Kinsmen) recorded on CDs, voiced by some of the finest actors of the British stage. All for a mere CAN $630.00.

I could add it to my fantastic Complete National Geographic. What's with this info-hoarding instinct of mine? Some alternative to a nesting instinct?

Incidentally, the title is a line from Julius Caesar.

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