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August 21, 2003

There are a number of record-breaking forest fires burning in British Columbia and Washington state at the moment. One of them is beginning to threaten the city of Kelowna. Currently there are 3000 people on evacuation alert. This site has some amazing, frequently updated forest fire photos. Some of them are truly apocalyptic.

My friend Jeanette, who lives in Kelowna, writes:

Well, Iím glad that you were able to see the beautiful Okanagan a few months ago BEFORE it all turned to ashes! Damn. This bloody fire is out of control. Itís so nice to walk to your car in a rainstorm of falling ashes every day. Plus, our office building is reeking of smoke due to the air conditioning system sucking it in.  Oh, and the apocalyptic red sun is a little eerie too.

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