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August 22, 2003

Jim Elve brings us Blogs Canada, a directory of Canadian blogs. He's done a nice job of stealing the crappy look of Canadian government sites, right down to the name (until recently, our tax office was called Revenue Canada):

BlogsCanada is a pet project of Jelve Design, a small, 100% Canadian, family business run by a couple of Elves. Really. Check the Whois. We develop websites for small businesses and organizations. We are located in Canada and we pay Canadian taxes but we are definitely NOT the Government of Canada. We say so in the very first bit of text on every page of this site.

Jim also has an intelligent blog about Canadian politics.

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Krisitian references an extensive and fascinating poll completed by the BBC: What the World Thinks of America. Here's the full coverage, and it appears that you can even watch the program online. There was apparently a debate, and Canada was represented by the CBC's Peter Mansbridge.

All of the survey data is pretty interesting (and well rendered), but this particular chart stuck out:

I don't know what Brazil is thinking, but check out the American response. Who else do they think the superpowers are?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the BBC is hands-down the best TV station in the world. This reminded me of some shtick on a hilarious Canadian show called This Hour has 22 Minutes: Talking to Americans.

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