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July 7, 2003

This may be late notice, but the editor-in-chief and chair of Salon Magazine, is speaking at SFU Harbour Centre on Thurdsay night:

Remember when the Web spawned a new "content site" every day? Remember brainy Feed.com, funny Suck.com, and media savvy Inside.com? All gone — except for Salon.com, the last of the independents, still breaking news, cracking culture, and highly amusing millions of visitors. Those visitors are affluent, well-educated and their age hits advertisers’ sweet spot. But Web advertising hasn’t lived up to the hype. So how has Salon stayed vibrant — and successfully made the transition to subscription-based publishing on the web — in an era when Slate, owned by mega-Microsoft, is its only comparable competitor?

I'm going to go just so I can ask, 'so, David, how'd you blow $80 million in ten years?' Let me know if you want to go and tickets are sold out, I might have a couple of extras.

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