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July 31, 2003

It's getting so tricky to compete these days. Check out these rates from PPI:

Costs for software maintenance and report writing start at 69 cents per hour. Software testing requires less skill and this service starts at 45 cents per hour.

There's also this insight into hiring developers:

Great apes (hominids) do not have tails, while monkeys do. Research indicates that great apes are very productive in the areas of software maintenance and report writing, while most monkeys will struggle. Monkeys, however, are great at software testing. So the rule of thumb is, if you donít have a tail, you can probably program.

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Stevenf makes this morbid reference:

Have you ever read those news stories where someone with a web log has died, and they put in the URL of their blog, and you go there, and their last entry is some horribly inane thing?

That's always my fear about music while driving. I occasionally think to myself, while listening to a particularly inane song: If my car rolled right now, and I was crushed underneath it, but the radio was still going, would I want to breath my final breath while listening to 'Beautiful' by Christina Aguilera. Then I quickly change to the CBC.

In truth, Steve's entry reminded me of a business idea I had a while back. It probably already exists, but here it is: computer mortician. When someone dies, their immediate family may not be computer-literate, or may not be aware of the deceased computer usage (passwords, online presences, etc). So, you call my company, we come and conduct an autopsy on their computer(s). We organize all of their data, etc, into some neatly packaged form and hand it to the family like an urn of their ashes. They write us a big fat cheque and we go home.

I'm not really going to do this, so if anybody else wants to, go crazy.

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