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August 7, 2003

I like found poetry. In fact, it's the only kind of poetry I wr...assemble. Just because it's fun. For me, at least. I created the following poems from the titles of a few hundred emails in my spam folder:


why haven't you ever hit it big
mean mom

this is what you need
this is what you need
this is what you need

be more fullfilled
see my newest movie
become an addict
shine a light on your emergency
and make women scream!

Why worry?
I know all about you

this hot offer

girls girls and more girls
young as they cum
looking for more booty
looking for a good man

we sell anti-depressants
all you can handle
its cheaper and the exact same thing

It's hardly Wordsworth, but what are you going to do? This is going to play havoc with my search results, I just know it.

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The Random Personal Picture Finder is a creative little Google hack. It searches Google for file names used by common digital photography equipment. It applies a random number to the file name's preface, and displays the Google results. It's both fascinating and mundane. Predictably, there are a lot of dull photos of people. Still one, does find some bizarre photos very quickly (links go to Google context results):

All kind of lame, in truth. Its serendipity reminded me of Mic in Track.

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I recently created a posting over at Vancouver Webloggers about flash mobs:

Most of you have probably heard of the meme that is the flash mob. In short, these are large groups of people assembled via the Internet. They form, do something (typically zany) and disperse in a very short time. They started in New York, but there was recently one in Toronto. Is it time Vancouver had one? It seems very Lotus Land to me.

There's been an interesting discussion about starting one, and a reference to a (lame sounding--they didn't quite get the zaniness) mob that apparently occurred a couple of days ago.

As a bonus, there's also talk about whether or people show potential employers their personal Web sites. It features this sound advice from Hasan: 'work and paki-ass don't mix'.

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