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August 15, 2003

One James Norton is a Yank with a bone to pick: he hates Canadian change. More importantly, he wants yours:

...mail in all your worthless Canadian change. Once we've accumulated $2000.00 in Canadian "money," we'll dispatch a delegation to the Canadian capital whatever that may be, even if it's an igloo or a giant hollowed-out walrus tusk, or whatnot and sit down with their finance minister for a frank talk about keeping Canadian change where it belongs: in jars. Canadian jars.

So far he's got $2.05. As a Canadian, I think I'm forbidden from participating. However, the next time I'm in the States (Heaven forbid), I'll see if I get any Canadian cents.

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Just in from the wonderful people at B3ta:

I found a fantastic picture of Enoch Powell MP on a pogo stick, and so decided to write to a load of MPs and Peers, to see whether any of them had ever been on other forms of children's locomotive toys (ie Skateboards,  Roller skates, Space Hoppers etc etc.)

Much to my amazement over 80 of them responded, including three Prime Ministers, five Chancellors, six Foreign Secretaries, four Home Secretaries, and three Speakers of the House of Commons.

And so http://www.statesmanorskatesman.co.uk was born. Politicians, it must be said, do some weird stuff.

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