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Monday, June 30, 2003

My friend Alan sends this entertaining article from the Telegraph. It's ostensibly about cameras in public space, but seems to be written solely to tell several entertaining anecdotes about odd sexual practices. Alan correctly highlights the fantastic quote in the following story:

Meanwhile, in Glasgow, Mrs Jean Curtis, 47, has filed for divorce, claiming she found her husband, Ian, 42, enjoying what would be best described, in modern parlance, as "a relationship" with a frozen chicken on the sofa. "My jaw just dropped," Mrs Curtis told the Sun. "I said, 'You dirty bastard - that's my Sunday lunch'.

If Ms. Curtis was English, I'd say this reflects the nation's newfound obsession with eating. I can't speak accurately for the Scots.

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Last week, some crazy comedian snuck into Prince William's 21st birthday dressed as Osama bin Laden. That, in itself, isn't particularly remarkable. However, as this article postulates, if said comedian had been a suicide bomber, Britain's current monarch might have become Edward Anthony Richard Louis, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, Viscount Severn, future Duke of Edinburgh. Apparently at roughly the same time he was throwing out the opening pitch at a Blue Jays game.

I'm not sure why that appeals to me, but it does. In the same way as the Queen dropping the puck at a Canucks game. Maybe I'm some kind of sports/royals fetishist.

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