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July 6, 2003

My closest grocery store is called Choices, and it's kind of a high-end store with lots of ritzy, organic foods. When I bring my items to the register, I'm asked without fail whether I'd like a Choices loyalty card. In fact, the conversation always goes the same:

CLERK: Do you have a Choices card?
ME: No.
CLERK: Would you like one?
ME: No.

I'm not paranoid about personal information or anything (thought that is a consideration), I just don't have room for any more cards in my teensy Victorinix moneyclip.

I'm in there three times a week, probably. The clerks are either well-trained or well-incentivized, because they always ask. So that amounts to my answering the same two questions 150 times a year.

It reminds me of setting a variable in computer programming. What I need are a couple of real-world variables that Choices clerks can access:


Instead, I'm stuck with the damn code that checks at runtime. How efficient is that?

Today I was served by Vince, the Front End Manager (how dirty does that sound?). I wanted to confront him with my problem, but I didn't think he'd accept it as the sort of academic quandary that I'd present it as. So, I just said "no" and "no", took my bags and fled.

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