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July 9, 2003

A couple of days ago I wondered what was with those massive sun visors that I see Asian women wearing around town. I queried the good people at VancouverWebloggers, and Bree skillfully produced this page from a Korean company. The english is a bit weak, but you get the idea:

Transparent Sun Visor (Sun Cap) protects your face from UV (ultra-violet rays) of the Sun. It has the transparent (see-through) shade of cap. It can protects from UV until 93%. You can take down or raise the transparent shade of sun cap freely. When you take down the shade, it completely protect your face from  ultra-violet  rays with clear polycarbonate film. In this case you can see clearly as you put on sunglass. When you raise the shade, it is like other sun cap. Also it is very fashionable. Transparent sun cap is new and unique products worldwide.

I had no idea that ultra-violet rays were, in fact, red with little arrowheads. I definitely think there's some kind of post-SARS subconscious thing going on here. Protective gear chic, indeed.

Is there a local supplier? Maybe this is a business opportunity--a niche market, but apparently a popular one. Another mystery solved by this newfangled Internet thingee. I'll rest easy tonight.

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I don't own a digital camera. Never have. Increasingly, though, I'm tempted to get one. Here enlies the problem. We already have an excellent, old school, all manual Pentax K-1000. It's probably twenty years old, but is a fantastic camera: sturdy, reliable and it captures colours beautifully. In the recent past, I've just had developed film also written to a CD, to save me the trouble of scanning the photos.

We also have a quick-and-dirty point-and-click camera for parties, etc. I won it with this photo in a contest held by this magazine.

So, in this camera taxonomy, where does a digital camera (be it a camera phone or otherwise, cheap or expensive) fit in? In twenty years, how will I want to look at my photos? How will other people want to look at them?

In truth, I think very cheap or very expensive would be the way to go. A camera phone fits in best. It's quick, crappy but very handy. In fact, that's the way I'm leaning. Still, I'm always reading about digital cameras and salivating over really expensive professional digital cameras. I recently read (can't find the link at the moment) about a new breed of hybrid cameras which can do both digital and film. That appeals. In the meantime, I'm just sticking with the Pentax.

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