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July 12, 2003

While teetering around on my roller blades yesterday, I found this taped to a park bench in Yaletown.

Having never heard of the threat that vapour trails pose to humanity, I thought this must be the work of some nutcase. Check out the diction (and formatting) of the last part:

Forget officials, take Personal action: Orgone is one answer.

Surely, I thought, Orgone is a planet in the Betelgeuese system. I'm half right. Though this tiny advert is actually some scheme to sell something, it's these. A cloud buster is:

A device designed to convert dead Orgone (DOR) into healthy Orgone in the atmosphere the main parts of this device are an array of parallel metal pipes, which are connected on one end to a mass of organite. In doing this a Cloud Buster can disintegrate Chemtrails.

Disturbingly, they've also got a product called Final Solution. So what is this orgone? It took me a little while, but I tracked down the pseudo-scientific bollocks:

Orgone energy is the live cosmic energy of Nature.  To quote Reich… The Cosmic OR Energy fills the universe…and …it is a spontaneously pulsating, mass-free energy…

You know, I'm all in favour of people having their own beliefs and what-not, but it's always irritating when people try to translate those beliefs into facts. Why not just have a religion like everybody else? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the first property of Orgone energy defy Newtonian physics?

It is mass free i.e. Orgone energy has no inertia or weight, etc., so conventional test equipment that requires reaction or something to “push” against to measure a force will be ineffective.

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