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July 21, 2003

My infonesia is bad today, so I'm unsure where I found this article. From Bankrate.com (?), it's Top Ten Things to do Before You're 30. I generally don't take lifestyle advice from an online mortgage site, but what the heck. It seems apropos, as I'm 29. Here's a summary of the list. I've asterisked the ones I've done:

  1. Drive a wickedly cool car, even if you have to rent it.
  2. Date against type.*
  3. See the world.*
  4. Live in a cool place.*
  5. If you're going to drink a lot, do it when you're young. (a half asterisk here...I didn't drink that much when I was young, either).
  6. Take risks with your job.*
  7. Do something physically adventurous.*
  8. Take your parents to dinner.*
  9. Do volunteer work.*
  10. Use this decade to go to extremes.

#10 is too cheesy to deserve an asterisk from me or anybody else. Still, that's pretty good. All  I need to do is rent that wicked car and I've got it made in the shade. Usually I'm, like, 2 for 10 on these kind of lists.

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