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July 24, 2003

Interesting article in the International Herald Tribune about a new demographic group: Lohas. That's an acronym for 'lifestyles of health and sustainability':

It may be the biggest market you have never heard of, encompassing products such as organic foods, energy-efficient appliances and solar panels, as well as alternative medicine, yoga tapes and eco-tourism.

These all added up to a $230 billion market in 2000, according to Natural Business Communications in Broomfield, Colorado, which publishes The LOHAS Journal. The company figures that the market has been growing by double-digit percentages annually.

Those are big numbers. My first instinct was that this doesn't really apply to the technology industry, but maybe it does. Would people be willing to pay a little more for an 'environmentally-responsible computer'? Some in-roads have been made on this with regards to 'power-smart' monitors, but I might be tempted to buy from a computer vendor who, for example, agreed to responsibly dispose of my computer at the end of its life.

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