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July 28, 2003

Way back in the day, I briefly discussed the wonder that is the niplette. As a result, a number of people visit this site every week seeking this product (or maybe they're just niplette enthusiasts seeking the latest gossip). So, not to disappoint my nipple-keen readers, I bring you the nipple bulb (link probably not safe for work):

It's time for your nipples to perk up! The beautifully designed purple nipple pump allows you to gently raise and enhance your nipples with only one pump. Apply the bulb nipple pump to your nipple and squeeze the bulb to create a light and comfortable suction. If you would like to use the erection rings, simply slide the rings on to the bulb before you begin suction.

The nipplette is to the nipple bulb as the Hitachi Magic Wand is to, say, a big penis-shaped vibrator. The former claims to have other applications, but really I suspect it's mostly pretence. Presumably, if you're in for a real party, you should combine this with some Climax Nipple Gel.

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