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July 29, 2003

Thanks to my brother Kevin, we have our seventh exhibit in the Technical Documentation Hall of Weirdness. Feel free to send me your weird and surreal tech docs.

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In the rich tradition of the Onion and BBSpot, here's Dateline: Hollywood, a satire site for the glitteratti. It's in its infancy, and at the moment I'm a little underwhelmed. Mind you, the headline "Spy Kids Marketing Team Cons Public Out of $32 Million" is pretty good. They haven't necessarily gotten the tone quite right, but here's a nice bit:

As she re-started her book club this past month, Oprah may have thought she was playing it safe with her selection of the John Steinbeck classic “East of Eden.” But the next day, custodians at the Garden of Memories Cemetery in Salinas, Calif. were shocked when Steinbeck’s maggot-ridden corpse rose from his coffin and walked around the graveyard chanting “No, Oprah! No, Oprah!”

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