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August 12, 2003

A truly original way to deal with a deceased pet. This seems vaguely related to the Buddhist practice of feeding a deceased person's remains to carrion-eating birds:

I've been reluctant to post this because I know it may be met with misunderstanding and outrage, but I think it's important and might make some of you view how to handle the loss of a loved pet from a new, life-affirming perspective.

Grendel passed away recently. She was a wonderful bun who loved head rubs and fresh parsley, and would do the biggest silly binkies when I let her out of the cage in the mornings. She crossed the rainbow bridge far too soon. She made me so happy when she was alive, and I miss her terribly already now that she's gone.

It may be an urban myth, but it's still pretty...what...creative? The comments make for some good reading too.

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