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August 14, 2003

Form an orderly queue, people. Links du jour:

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Continuing on this week's German theme, let me introduce you to some very fine chocolate: Ritter Sport! My friend Hugh Grant (not that Hugh Grant) introduced me to these fine squares of joy while living in Ireland.

My favourite aspect of the Ritter Sport bar is its opening mechanism. You just break the still-packaged bar along the dotted line on the back and the wrapper magically opens! I scanned this badboy for your vicarious delight:

There are about twenty different flavours. It's also very fun to say if you make the 's' in 'sport' more of an 'sh'.

I happened upon these German delights in the yuppie fest that is Urban Fare. It's imported, and there's a sticker (sort of visible above) that covers some other languages (including some kind of Arabic) with English, French and Italian.

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